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The Triple E Awards Ceremony goes digital!

Due to COVID-19 and its global impact, the 2020 African Triple E Awards Ceremony will be hosted digitally on December 9.

The ceremony will be broadcasted and thus open to everyone interested in entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education. It will provide a unique opportunity for shortlisted institutions and individuals to gain recognition across Africa and beyond, given that a broad range of attendees will attend the event, including but not limited to:

  • university leaders,
  • university administrators,
  • academics,
  • governmental representatives,
  • business, and representatives,
  • students

Submit your entry now and benefit from this unique opportunity to position your institution.

More information on the programme of the Ceremony will follow soon.

Akure- A place dedicated to entrepreneurial renaisance

The 2020 African Triple E Awards will be hosted with special emphasis put on the topic of sustainable development youth entrepreneurship. Therefore, we did select a place with a lot of meaning:
Akure is a capital of south-western Ondo state in Nigeria. It is an agricultural center and boasts beautiful landscapes and easily navigable roads. City of Akure has been selected due to its unspoiled nature and rich cultural heritage that is largely unknown. This selection aligns with ACEEU’s endeavor to reveal those that lack in visibility but have a thriving potential and a lot to offer world.

If you register for the Award Ceremony, you will get access to our Triple E Awards Travel Magazine, featuring key information on Nigeria, Akure and the amazing places we are going to visit.

Where is Akure?

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The 2020 African Triple E Awards Ceremony

The 2020 African Triple E Awards Ceremony will be part of the 7th AYE Convention. Attendance to the award ceremony is free of charge for all representatives of the shortlisted institutions and accompanying guests.

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The convention and award ceremony will be held at:

Akure Dome
Igbatoro Road, Akure South, Ondo

AYE Convention - A convention with impact

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Convention as the Focal Point for Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Development

Triple E Awards in Africa will be supported by AYE – Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs – the largest entrepreneurship association with more than 12 million members from all across Africa. African Triple E Awards will be embedded in the annual 7th Convention hosted by AYE. AYE Convention is the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in the world. An annual gathering of entrepreneurs features business leaders from across the world, young entrepreneurs, corporates, policy makers, local and international media.

The convention aims at developing Africa's promising and budding entrerpreneurs through dedicated networking opportunities, workshops and motivational talks. Last year's focus was on poverty eradication through entrepreneurship intervention and lack of accurate knowledge and funding opportunities for home-grown African entrepreneurs.

AYE brings learning, resources and business acumen to developing young entrepreneurs.

Akure Dome: A venue as the Embodiment of Circular Economy

2020 African Triple E Awards will be hosted in Akure Dome, an architectural wonder cushioned in the heart of nature with an easy access to all major cities in Ondo State. Part of “Legacy Projects Commissioning” the Dome is one of the largest event meeting spots. With its three oval domes it houses three halls, each of which can cater for 5,000 guests and hold three events simultaneously. With its generous 3,500 square meters coverage, it boast a wide variety of facilities to support any sort of event. The complementary facilities include a five-star hotel, a massive car park and a head room of about five feet tall.

Information on room reservations

Following soon

We will soon make available a list of recommended hotels for your stay.

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